You were probably raised with the understanding that you should see a medical doctor for regular checkups and care as well as emergencies or other unexpected medical situations.

Your teeth deserve the same care you give to the rest of your body. Every part of you is intricately connected, and the care that you give to your teeth will have an effect on your overall health; in fact, your oral health often acts as an indicator of your total health!

At our office, we believe strongly in practicing preventive care. We would rather have our patients come in for regular checkups (just like you would with your medical doctor) so that we can help you maintain good dental health and learn good hygiene habits instead of only seeing you 



when something is wrong. Most dental problems can be easily avoided with a little preventive TLC.

Regular checkups also give us the opportunity to spot problems early and begin treatment promptly to prevent a future dental emergency. Catching a problem like decay or gum disease early will prevent additional damage and allow for a greater variety of treatment options.

Regular checkups are vital for children too. Your child’s mouth is in a constant state of development and change. We will watch the way the baby teeth come in and, later, how the permanent teeth develop to make sure that everything is growing the way it should.